DME Management vs. DME Software:

Discover the Benefits of a Preferred Hospice DME Management Partnership

In a growing DME market, hospices face many challenges, from quality control to increased equipment costs. This guide breaks down the differences between DME management and DME software, identifying the many pros of working with a DME management partner, such as:

  • Streamlining DME processes and workflows

  • Taking the guesswork out of DME

  • Integrating with hospice EMRs

  • Boosting your hospice’s bottom line

  • Reclaiming productivity and time

  • Focusing more time on your patients

Read the full guide to learn how partnering with a knowledgeable and supportive DME management leader can help with your DME management and software needs, allowing you to grow as a business and focus on what matters most — your patients!

Streamline Your Hospice Care

Guide: Understanding the Difference Between DME Management vs. DME Software
Why Qualis


We believe that hospice DME management services go hand-in-hand with palliative patient care. We promise to always have our finger on the pulse of your hospice's efficiencies while constantly looking to improve workflows and hospice DME management.

Qualis is aware of the issues that hospices face, so eliminating tedious administrative duties allows you to spend less time on tracking hospice equipment and more time on person-centered care.


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